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07.12.2017 First impressions of the auction night


06.12.2017 (Almost) all signs away...

During the last months we worked hard and very concentrated for our 13th Sport Horse Sales, especially during the last weeks and days nobody spared time and hassled to prepare everything for a perfect event. Tents have been set up, floors has been laid, furniture was deployed, lightning installation have been suspended, and everything was decorated and brought into a high gloss. The whole work was worth it: We are still speechless from our amazing auction and the outcome of it. Now, a few days later, there aren’t any marks to see. The auction last week was a great success and more successful than ever before. The whole team around me did a great job. I would like to thank all involved parties- everyone was always motivated, worked with enormous pleasure and made an important contribution to the success! All signs of “our day of the year” are gone and the beloved contemplative Christmas season started. Time flies… but for sure we will live on memory for a long time; with a satisfied and proud feeling.


04.12.2017 The auction 2017 was breathtaking

A beautiful stallion: TIGER 

Holger Hetzel’s 13th Sport Horse Sales in Goch generated record-breaking bids totalling EUR 4,130,000 for 19 horses. This year’s top bid came from the United Kingdom.
13 is Nations Cup rider and German Vice-Champion Holger Hetzel’s lucky number because his 13th Sport Horse Sales this November at his beautiful yard in Goch generated the highest bid revenue to date. According to the organisers, the average price for the 19 horses in this year’s collection was EUR 217,000.
The top bid was placed in the prestigious surroundings of the fully occupied event hall for a seven year old Czech-born stallion. Auctioneer Volker Raulf's hammer went down at EUR 600,000 for the stallion by top KWPN sire Padinus, and the proud new owner is the Saudi-owned Old Lodge Stud in the United Kingdom. The bay stallion, aptly named Tiger, has already had a very successful youngster tour season and is an interesting prospect both as a competition horse and as a sire. Padinus was sired by Heartbreaker, the number one stallion on the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses’ ranking list and the leading sire in the FN Breeding Index. Tiger's new owners and the Old Lodge Stud can look forward to a successful future with their new stallion.


A happy new owner 

The second highest bid was also placed for another stallion. Super Trouper is a six year old Holstein stallion by Catoki out of a Caretino dam that sold for EUR 435,000 to a well-known competition yard in Hessen. Casting, a six year old stallion that was also sired by Catoki went to a famous competition yard in Australia for EUR 350,000 and will soon be setting out on a plane journey to the other side of the world.
Ulli Horrig, who bought Bacardi Feeling, is now the proud owner of “one of the highlights in the collection” and a “series winner for next season”. Horrig had travelled by private plane from the Caribbean island of Antigua to attend the auction in person and he’s delighted to have put in the winning bid for such a talented mare.
Another special purchase was Hanoverian gelding Entertainer who went to Switzerland for EUR 260,000 as a ‘birthday gift’. Congratulations!


Germany’s best comedian magician Christian Glade 

Other successful bidders came from Switzerland and the USA, and Ukrainian Aleksandr Onyshenko bought the Mecklenburg grey gelding Feels Like Heaven (6) by Cerousi at auctioneer Volker Raulf’s suggestion. One remarkable fact about this year’s auction is that there was only one telephone bidder who bought a horse. All the other horses were bought by customers attending Holger Hetzel’s auction event. Auctioneer Volker Raulf was especially pleased about that, commenting: “Although the horses are going to new homes around the world, the buyers were here.”
Everyone enjoyed the 13th Sport Horse Sales and the entertaining prelude by Christian Glade, Germany’s best comedian magician, who treated guests to a 10-minute show before the auction. He captivated the audience by transforming a 500 euro note with a name written on it into a 5 euro note, and then retrieving the 500 euro note later on from inside an orange. It’s no surprise that Munster-based Christian has won several awards for his magic act.


It was a great start to an exciting and entertaining evening with the ‘who’s who’ of international show jumping and the Mayor of Goch, Ulrich Knickrehm, who was attending the event for the first time and said he very much enjoyed the evening. Organiser Holger Hetzel is delighted that the event went so well and paid tribute to everyone who helped to make it a success, particularly his committed team who worked tirelessly in the background.


29.11.2017 The Auction was OUTSTANDING

Click HERE to see the results of this years auction. [64 KB]


29.11.2017 TODAY IS OUR DAY X!

TODAY is the day. Today is the day of our 13th Sport Horse Sales. You can not believe how excited we are. All horses are fit and healthy, the indoor looks great and we can't wait for the evening. Starting at 5 p.m. the impressive collection will be presented under the riders for the last time, commentated by TV commentator Carsten Soestmeier and me. The most interesting part of the evening, the auction, takes place after the gala dinner at approx. 9 p.m. The order of sales is not the order in which the horses are listed in the catalogue and will be announced on the day of the auction. If you can’t make it to the auction, why not watch the presentation of the horses and all the excitement of the bidding on the Web. It’s being broadcast by


27.11.2017 GREAT presentation of auction horses

The presentation of the auction horses was a great success yesterday. A lot of interested guests, a relaxed atmosphere, super riders and- which was the most important fact for us- amazing horses. The official presentation of the auction horses was really fun and especially the satisfied riders gave us a reason for being proud and happy. Finally we’ve only two days to go and we’re really looking forward to our 13th Sport Horse Sales on Wednesday!



25.11.2017 We're ready for the presentation!


24.11.2017 Public presentation &try outs on Sunday

The traditional public presentation of all auction horses will take place next Sunday, 26 November 2017 from 10 a.m. onwards. The Sunday is usually a fantastic day when potential customers can try out the horses in a very relaxed atmosphere and enjoy a great brunch. The entire team is looking forward to Sunday because it allows the horses to show everyone exactly what they’re capable of. Many riders have said they’ll be coming along on Sunday so an interesting programme is guaranteed when the youngsters have their last chance to prove themselves. Everyone’s welcome to come and watch.


23.11.2017 Excellent try outs

Over the past few weeks riders, sponsors and horse enthusiasts from all over the world have travelled to Goch to check out the auction collection and try out the candidates. The try outs have gone excellently. All the auction horses made good impressions on the riders, and they all jumped beautifully. They had all kinds of riders in their saddles, from juniors and amateurs to professionals, all of whom obviously enjoyed the ride. Potential buyers can take their time in trying out the horses that have been selected in advance to reflect their individual needs before the auction. They also get comprehensive information about every single horse, plus impressive competition videos of all the horses, and a unique, idyllic setting for the try outs. We’re looking forward to the final week – especially the official try outs on Sunday!


22.11.2017 Read the catalogue & Magazine

Just one week to go, then our 13th Sport Horse Sales will take place. To make sure that you have all information about the horses, our team, the philosophy, our training and coaching programmes and so on, check out the online version of our auction catalogue: CLICK HERE and enjoy reading!


22.11.2017 Update of our former horses

“Oh, this horse has been sold at Holger Hetzel’s Sport Horse Sales?” “This horse was owned by Holger Hetzel before?” “Holger Hetzel found this horse as a youngster?” These sentences are just some examples and we’re proud to be able to say “YES, this Grand Prix horse has been sold at our auction”. We don’t just sell horses at our auction, we also caters to an international clientele during the rest of the year. To his delight, all the horses we’re sold are winning and competing successfully at showground’s around the world. Ultimately, whether they’re jumping 80cm courses or international 1.60m courses, it’s the rider’s satisfaction with the horse’s performance and their individual achievements that count During the last days we’ve updated the references on our website. Click here to have a look to our former horses, the faces of their riders and the performances!


22.11.2017 The Countdown is on

The countdown is on, only one week to go! In seven days my twelfth sport horse sales will take place- it is still exciting and connected with much excitement as the first time! Today the construction starts, the tents, traverses, ground and so son will build up during the next days. We are hammering, drilling, cleaning, planning and building ...
The clippers are working all day long, outside the indoor you can hear the four-legged contented snorting and I actually moved a part of my office into the indoor, because I don’t want to miss one second of the training and trying of the delicious auction horses. We can’t wait for it, our anticipation is enormous. Only the 21 auction horses are quiet and showing their quality every day again!


20.11.2017 Thank you CWD!

Today we got a delivery from CWD with 21 super nice and soft leather head collars with golden nameplates. The new owners of our auction horses will get these super nice present at our auction next week and we can be sure that the horses will leave our stables with beautiful staff. At our official presentation on Sunday as well as during the auction night CWD Sellier will have a nice exhibition area to present their new products and saddles. Thank you for the great cooperation, CWD Sellier, it is a big honour for us!!!


20.11.2017 Interview with ClipMyHorse


18.11.2017 More and more signs

Also at the stables there are more and more signs that the auction is not far away: Since last week the big pictures of this years auction horses decorate the big indoor and remind us every day to the big event. It looks stunning and makes us even more proud!


03.11.2017 Trailer Sport Horse Sales 2017


31.10.2017 The auction horses are ONLINE

My team and I are delighted to have put together another excellent collection for this year’s Sport Horse Sales. The horses don’t really need any commentary because every single one of them speaks for itself. The auction lot includes 21 exceptional horses aged five to seven with impressive track records that are ready for the next stages of their careers. Every week we receive text messages, e-mails and phone calls from happy riders and owners who’ve bought horses at previous auctions. They’re our motivation, and the best reassurance we could ever get that our concept really works. Nothing was left to chance in the selection process, so all horses conform to the most stringent of quality criteria and the excellent collection includes show jumpers for all requirements. Now you can put your curiosity about this year’s auction collection aside because videos, photos and information about all the horses have now been posted on this Website. Check them our right now! You can contact us at any time for additional information or appointments on +49 171 480 8668. We’re all looking forward to another exciting Sport Horse Sales and to seeing you in Goch.


31.10.2017 Impressions making of


23.10.2017 This week we will present the horses

Now this year’s distinguished collection is waiting to go out into the big wide world. It includes 21 exceptional horses aged five to seven with impressive track records that are ready for the next stages of their careers. Nothing was left to chance in the selection process, so all horses conform to the most stringent of quality criteria and the excellent collection includes show jumpers for all requirements. I’ve got a very special and motivated team. With their help, stringent selection criteria and my ability to recognise quality horses, I think we’ve managed to put together an excellent collection - and I’m sure you’ll agree with me when you see it. Every single one of the young horses we’ve selected for you is unique, and some of them are championship winners. At the end of this week the collection horses will be presented to the public. All the horses were 100% convincing at the video shoot and they cater to a wide range of rider requirements. I can’t wait to present the horses!


20.10.2017 Order this years auction catalogue

This year again we don't have just an auction catalogue: It not only provides you with information about the horses in the collection, but also contains general information about the event, the concept and the service philosophy of us. There are statements, information about us and our daily work and a lot of nice, colourful pictures- an outstanding product! The new auction catalogue grants you a look behind the scenes and introduces the whole stables. And we're also disclose a secret about the future of our training centre! Catalogue + magazine= you need it!! You don’t have the auction catalogue? Order it right now!


27.10.2017 The auction catalogues are ready

They have arrived! Yesterday the van of the printing company “DRUCKEREI KARTEN” arrived and everyone directly knew: the auction catalogues 2017 are ready. Then the work began and with combined effort it was a pleasure to finalize the end- product. With very good mood and full of joy the team started working as every year: invitations and catalogue in the envelope, envelope closed, post stamp on it and directly into the yellow post box. Everything went well and fast- experience shows it. Now, after two days, all of the catalogues are on there way to the customer or just ready to give them away for the next weeks. If you want to have your personal catalogue with a lot of pictures and reportages, you can order them here.


28.09.2017 Making of... 13th Sport Horse Sales

The horses are selected, the videos and pictures fort he catalogue and DVD have been made- the auction time has begun! A few days ago we have made the video clips of the young horses for the 13th edition of our sport horse sales. The sun was shining, the rider were smiling, all other people were speechless and the horses were FANTASTIC! It was just fun to see the horses jumping, the riders Tobias, Roel, Christine, and Imma were smiling all day long because they enjoyed it so much. We had a lot of fun when making the video clips of the auction horses and we can confirm that all youngsters have an unbelievable great character. As usual, we are offering a meticulously selected collection of excellent show jumpers, all of them with extraordinary qualities. All of them have a lot potential, rideability and that something special everyone is looking for. It was brilliant team work during these days and now off to the next step- making the catalogue!



28.11.2017 Live- Stream of the Auction

Anyone who can’t make it to the auction can watch the presentation of the horses and the bidding on the Web. It’s being broadcast by
The order of sales will be presented on this Website during the afternoon.








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