"Oh, this horse has been sold by you?"

Considering the number of satisfied clients from more than forty countries and in view of the current performances of last year’s lot, it is clear that at our auction you can score extremely special horses. It’s confirmation to us that we’ve done our job right and motivation to keep on doing it. And we always love to hear about our customers’ achievements, whether they’ve won an amateur jumping class or Grand Prix! We are more than proud of all of them.

Some examples of successful horses (click on the photo to enlarge it):

Besitzer/ Owner: Poden Farms (GBR)
Reiter/ Rider: Guy Goosen (GBR)
Beauville Z
Besitzer/ Owner: Marta Ortega Perez (ESP)
Reiter/ Rider: Maikel van der Vleuten (NED)
Ghost de Reville
Besitzer/ Owner: Adolfo Juri (SUI)
Reiter/ Rider: Martin Fuchs (SUI) / Matias Alvaro (ITA)
Night of Glory O.L.
Besitzer/ Owner: Sulaiman AlAnbar (KSA)
Reiter/ Rider: Harriet Nuttall (GBR)
Endloess Love
Besitzer/ Owner: Kröning GmbH & Co KG
Reiter/ Rider: Tom Sanders
Besitzer/ Owner: Joachim Schill
Reiter/ Rider: Alexander Schill
Hakuna Matata
Besitzer/ Owner: Euro Power s.a.r.l (LUX)
Reiter/ Rider: Laurens Houben (BEL)
Besitzer/ Owner: Aleksandr Onyshenko (UKR)
Reiter/ Rider: Tobias Meyer
Alfa Jordan
Besitzer/ Owner: Butkus Arunas + New Sport Reitpferde GmbH (LTU)
Reiter/ Rider: Max Kühner (AUT)
Kyoto Z
Besitzer/ Owner: Thaddäus Assenmacher
Reiter/ Rider: Joanna Assenmacher
Pablo P
Besitzer/ Owner: Andrea Lohe
Reiter/ Rider: Sophia Lindemann
Besitzer/ Owner: Clear Round B.V. & Yuri Mansur (BRA)
Reiter/ Rider: Yuri Mansur (BRA)
Performance EP
Besitzer/ Owner: Robert Segal (USA)
Reiter/ Rider: Sarah Segal (USA)
Cornet MM
Besitzer/ Owner: Marlis Mühlebach (SUI)
Reiter/ Rider: Alain Jufer (SUI)
Dalli Dalli
Besitzer/ Owner: Gregor Schefcyk
Reiter/ Rider: Gregor Schefcyk
Captain Sparrow
Besitzer/ Owner: Ingemar Hammarström (SWE)
Reiter/ Rider: Familie Hammarström (SWE)
Abarlo T
Besitzer/ Owner: Isabelle Gerfer
Reiter/ Rider: Isabelle Gerfer
J'Espere van ter Pamelen
Besitzer/ Owner: Alexia Apostolescu (ROU)
Reiter/ Rider: Alexia Apostolescu (ROU)