"Hetzel’s Youngster Championship"

The “ 2nd Hetzel Youngster Championship’ will be held from 27.- 30. July 2023. The five to eight-year-old horses that reach the final will be competing for total prize money of €150,000. No other show in Germany has such a generous prize money offering.  


 “Even in the past a really good young horse didn’t come cheap. Today five to eight year old horses cost a fortune, so it’s only right for them to have the opportunity to win good prize money,” said the organiser.

Riders of the young horses competing at the event in Goch, which is based on the tried-and-tested international format of ‘two clear rounds qualifies for the jump-off’, have the chance to win international prize money. There were no style scores at the event to ensure that all the horses, whatever their jumping technique, had the opportunity to qualify for the final.

One important motivation for Holger Hetzel to organise a youngster championship is his great passion for discovering young horses and giving them a competition platform that allows them to develop and be discovered.

“We’re always on the lookout for top quality horses, especially promising youngsters, and we know hard they are to find. The fact that we had so many equestrians and businesspeople from all over Europe talent scouting at our premiere is an accolade to us and our concept.I’m glad that we are able to provide a top-level platform for riders, breeders and other members of the equestrian family.  Positive feedback from riders, owners, breeders and spectators prove that our Youngster Championship concept is exactly what they have been waiting for. "

Holger Hetzel


“When you organise a competition for professional riders you do your best to make sure everything is perfect,” said Holger explaining the standards he aims for.

“We want to offer our competitors as many options as possible with our event and to provide owners, breeders and sponsors with an optimised sport and marketing platform. Everyone who knows us also knows that our facilities are excellent. We put on competitions organised by riders for riders that tick every box. ”

Holger Hetzel

Statements from the premiere in 2022:

“This is a great event. Well done Holger and the Hetzel team. This competition they’ve organised here for young horses is in a league of its own. I don’t think there’s anything else like it anywhere in the world for five to eight-year-old horses. Great job! I’ll definitely be back.”

Maurice Tebbel

“It’s a super event – brilliantly organised and the horses feel right at home here even though most of them are spending their first night away.  I’m really grateful to be here, and I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has made this fantastic event possible.”

Sophie Hinners

“It’s a fantastic event and a unique competition for young horses. And we have ideal results, with all the clear rounds and four-faulters in the final. It’s my job to make sure that all the horses can warm up to the challenge in the first qualifier. Then I make sure the second qualifier asks bigger questions to achieve a more selective result.”

Peter Schumacher

A complete success from my perspective.”

Jens Wehrmann

Impressions 2022: