A brand new format online sport horse auction

We are launching another business project this May:  It’s a brand new format online sport horse auction, organised by Hetzel Trading and taking place on 18 May!

We came up with the idea for this unique online auction at our most recent Sport Horse Sales last November. Our multimedia presentation of the auction horses generated a lot of enquiries from potential customers in Germany and abroad who were interested in buying a horse in the EUR 30,000 to 100,000 price range without actually trying it out in person. Also, a lot of people aren’t aware that we offer competition horses with 1.10m to 1.45m experience for sale all year round; not just at the Sport Horse Sales in November. Online auctions, including horse auctions, are gaining in popularity the whole world over because the internet is a great medium for communicating comprehensive information about the horses. In the same way that our customers trust us when they’re buying a horse, we trust them in the online bidding process. We offer simple and free access to the online bidding process without any requirement for bidders to make a down payment or provide their bank details.

"Trust for trust is our credo!"

Holger Hetzel

The innovative aspect of this auction is that it has a maximum price limit similar to the one used in the successful eBay business model. The first bidder to offer the maximum price of EUR 100,000 is automatically the new owner. If nobody bids the maximum price, the horse goes to the person who put in the highest bid at the end of the auction.

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