Captain Sparrow and Ingemar Hammarström win Grand Prix

  • Beauville Z (auction horse 2016): 11th prize (clear round) 1.55m CSI5*-LGCT New York with Maikel van der Vleuten
  • Captain Sparrow 5 (auction horse 2012): 1st 1.45m GP and 3rd 1.45m class CSI** Kristiansand with Ingemar Hammarström
  • Lepus: 5th and 9th prize 1.45m CSI** Kristiansand with Selma Hammarström
  • Con Coleur (auction horse 2016): 3 times placed at 1.45m level (6th prize in Grand Prix) CSI** Gorla Minore with Rebecca Conway (USA)
  • Digisport Canaveral: 2nd place in 1.45m at CSI** Moscow with Nataliya Yargina
  • Lord Ludger: 6th prize 1.35m CSI** Canteleu with Frederik Knorren
  • Coralie: 4th place in 1.30m class at CSI** Gorla Minore with Simone Buhofer