Coaching and Management

Holger Hetzel offers intensive training courses and coaching programmes for both German and foreign riders. With his international show jumping background, and the associated know-how and experience, Holger Hetzel has the ability to bring out the best in both horses and riders.

A contemporary coaching concept that works includes the following elements:

  • Initial assessment
  • Development of a training plan and a competition schedule
  • Competition planning, management and support
  • Mental training for horse and rider
  • A solid training concept for the riders
  • Professional schooling for the horses
  • General horse management (vet, blacksmith, feed etc.)


“Competition experience is only part of the success strategy. The basis for success is effective training according to a carefully thought-out plan. In the past, trainers simply gave their pupils an hour’s lesson. Times have now changed, and so has the training format. A successful training concept includes a variety of different elements, from the selection of the right horse to the training and management of the horse and rider. A rider who wants to win rosettes and medals has to create an effective training and competition plan, just like every successful company needs a business strategy. I’m very lucky to be able to provide all these things thanks to the support of my fantastic team.”

Holger Hetzel


Competition results and customer satisfaction prove that Holger Hetzel’s system works.

Holger’s team has a great system and it works well for me. I also enjoy being with all these fantastic people and good riders. I know my horses are being looked after well and that they’ll be top fit when I take them to competitions. Holger and his team have taught me everything I know about professional riding."  Ingemar Hammarström (SWE)

"I decided to work with Team Hetzel because the entire team is professional and they create individual training schedules for every rider." Alena Babushkina (RUS)

"I’m an amateur rider with three kids, so I enjoy Holger and his team’s ‘all-inclusive service’. It gives me professional, performance-oriented training plus excellent livery services and competition management. Holger’s training sessions can be strict and disciplined, but his warmth as a person always comes across. He’s an expert at motivating his students and that makes it easier for them to achieve their training goals." Pia Maass

„Training with Holger has been the best experience of my life. He and his team are all so helpful.“ Makki Mohammed (UAE)

„Holger Hetzel and his team start tailoring your training program once you contact them, they ask you to send a video of your riding to pick the right horse for you… They also ask about your riding goals and plan and come up with the right training program for each rider based on the amount of time you’re spending there which is amazing! In short, training at Holger Hetzel’s stable was the best decision I’ve ever made! "  Sara Al- Jabsheh (USA)

Holger and his team have coached and managed many riders up to the very top level of show jumping over the years, including: