There are good horses and there are spectacularly good horses.

Wonder Woman is definitely in the latter category.


This exceptional seven-year-old mare unites all the attributes it takes to be an absolutely top sport horse. Superior quality and a positive attitude are just two of them. She is also a dynamic, flexible thoroughbred type with an abundance of natural energy and forward impulsion. Wonder Woman is beautifully supple with smooth paces and an incredibly strong and fast hind leg action. And as if that weren’t enough, she’s also perfectly balanced with a light and soft mouth. Always looking for a forward stride and always responsive to the rider’s aids, her energetic jump is impressive. Wonder Woman will make some junior or professional rider proud by delivering top results in Grand Prix classes.


She already has an impressive 30+ competition placings, including wins in classes up to 1.25m and placings in 1.35m competitions and international youngster tours. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. Wonder Woman is ready to compete at international level, where she can add to her already impressive track record in young horse classes.


This mare is a future hopeful with a first-rate lineage. Her athleticism makes her a true ambassador of her sire Oak Grove's Darshan, a stallion with a very exciting pedigree. It unites the very best French performance horse genes of Diamant de Semilly and Baloubet du Rouet. On the dam side Oak Grove's Darshan is descended from Shiva de Nantuel by Baloubet du Rouet, the famous show jumping partner of Brazilian rider Rodrigo Pessoa. Darshan is also a proven show jumping horse that has competed successfully on the international circuit. Dam Carmeltia by Carry Gold won young horse classes. This stallion has the finest Holstein performance lineage as the descendant of great thoroughbred sires such as Ladykiller xx, Cottage Son xx, Rantzau xx, Manometer xx, Frivol xx, Maestoso xx and Rittersporn xx. He is additionally bred back to some of those sires, making him such a valuable producer of both dressage and jumping horses.


Successful relatives:

Garance de Vains (Valentin Pacaud – Silber Weltmeisterschaft Lanaken 2022), Dominator 2000 Z (Christian Ahlmann), Don VHP Z (Harrie Smolders), Asathir (Philipp Weishaupt), Pikeur Dylon (Markus Brinkmann), Mumbai 3 (Christian Kukuk), Chicca D’Oro (Monika Dir), Carl Gustav (Evelyn Beyer)



A brilliant superheroine!

Watch out Grand Prix, here comes Wonder Woman.