Over the years Holger Hetzel has developed a very special training concept, based on his vast experience , to ensure that course participants are able to assimilate as much knowledge and information as possible over a three-day period.


Here’s the intensive course programme:

1. Tag: 

- Arrival
- Demonstration: flat work for jumping horses with special exercises to assess 
- Training for participants with the same content as the demonstration  

2. Tag: 

- Demonstration: jump sequences and related distances
- Group training with the same content as the demonstrations and a focus on the
   participant’s individual needs
- Course building for the competition with explanations and a course walk with
   theoretical input  

3. Tag: 

- Training Competition riding with individual mentoring: course walking, warm- up and an analysis of the ride afterwards.



“I try to communicate as much know-how to my pupils as possible during the three days.”

Holger Hetzel


Why should I attend a course at Holger Hetzel Stables?

  • Renowned trainer with over 30 years of experience in top-level competition sport
  • The success of his own riders and students is proof that his concept works
  • Challenging yet fun training in an informal atmosphere
  • Ultra-modern training centre with international-level competition facilities
  • Daily demonstrations of course content by Holger Hetzel in person
  • The competition riding with mentoring allows participants to try out what they’ve learned during the course with expert support
  • The practical training is supplemented by a strong theory component covering horse management, training and competitions
  • Theory + practical demonstrations + training + mentored competition riding = perfect all-in package


“Straight after the course I was placed in my first 1.30 m class. I’m definitely coming back to the next course!“

"Holger is a very competent trainer who’s obviously passionate about what he does. He really focuses on every single rider and their needs."

Course participant in February 2019


Riders of all ages and standards from anywhere in the world receive a warm welcome at his modern, generously sized equestrian centre.

For further information please contact Anna Lehmeyer at or  +49-(0)2823-18524.