Customer confidence pays off

After putting a great deal of effort and dedication to detail into the planning of our 16th Sports Horse Sales event on November 21 German we were bitterly disappointed to have to cancel the hybrid auction as a result of the coronavirus situation. The lockdown regulations imposed in November meant that we would not have been able to welcome guests to a live auction, which made it necessary to cancel the event.

A pure online auction was never an option for us. So, with a heavy heart, we cancelled the event and put the horses in the auction collection up for sale. During the sales week all 13 of the carefully selected horses were available for purchase. The sale ended on the Saturday when the auction would have been held and it confirmed both our expertise in sourcing exceptional horses, and our special relationship with customers.

We’re incredibly grateful to our customers from five different nations who bought the 13 horses for having so much confidence in us. Many of them only saw the horses in videos or Face Time trials. It shows just how much our customers trust in our abilities. That trust has been built over the years thanks to our commitment to our clientele, and we all wish the owners the best of luck with their new horses.

The next project is already in the pipeline: planning the next auction. We’re looking ahead to next year’s event and we hope that, by then, everything will be back to normal. We watched last year’s auction in the ClipMyHorse archive at the weekend. It made us all feel a bit wistful, but it also got us motivated to start planning and getting excited about next year's event!