Did you know?

  • 1

auction was an open-air event – the very first one in 2005.

  • 2

ClipMyHorse.TV cameras are used to film the live broadcast on the auction evening.

  • 7

generators ensure there is plenty of power for the auction evening.

  • 8

days before the Sport Horse Sales the indoor arena build up begins.

  • 9

hours is how long it takes to install the crossbeams for the spotlights and loudspeakers under the roof.

  • 12

chefs conjure up the gourmet offerings on the auction evening.

  • 15

meters is the length of the red carpet in the entrance area.

  • 17

auctions have already been hosted by Holger Hetzel. This year is the 18th Sport Horse Sales event.

  • 21.7

GBs of video material were created when the auction videos were shot.

  • 32

loudspeakers ensure guests can hear everything on the auction evening.

  • 46

different nations tuned in to the Sport Horse Sales live on ClipMyHorse.TV in 2021.

  • 50

former auction horses are competing for more than 50 nations.

  • 96

tables are reserved for guests on the auction evening.

  • 105

spotlights are affixed to the crossbeams to illuminate the right place at the right moment.

  • 190

snap hooks hold up the big curtain behind the auctioneer’s table.

  • 208

metres of crossbeams are installed in the indoor arena for the auction evening.

  • 299

plaits were done in the auction horses’ manes for this year’s video shoot.

  • 597

invitations to the Sport Horse Sales are signed personally by Holger Hetzel. Hundreds more are sent out by e-mail.

  • 747

chairs and stools are delivered by the service provider for auction guests.

  • 800

square metres of carpet are installed on the heavy duty flooring in the indoor arena.

  • 1,000

napkins have been ordered for the auction evening.

  • 3,890

metres (3.89 kilometres!) of power cables are installed for the auction event.

  • 6,996

photos were taken by Maik Wallrafen at the photo and video shoot (including the continuous shots over jumps).

  • 34,395

words were in the 2022 auction catalogue.

  • 80,000

tacking pins hold the carpets in place on the heavy duty flooring.