The ‘drawer system‘

Holger Hetzel has an excellent eye for horses. This keen instinct makes him a sought-after and respected advisor to both buyers and sellers of horses, and he’s always happy to use his talents for the benefit of his clients, not just when he buys horses for himself. Holger has matched many horses and riders that are now competing together successfully all over the world.

So how does Holger Hetzel manage to make the perfect match time after time, when there are thousands or even hundreds of thousands of horses for sale around the globe?


“I call it the ‘drawer principle’. I mentally sort all the horses I see into categories that I imagine as drawers with different labels on them.”

Holger Hetzel


For example, there are categories like ‘talented youngster’, ‘young rider horse’, ‘amateur rider horse’, ‘hunter’ or ‘grand prix horse’.


“When I‘ve seen or tried out a horse I know exactly which drawer to put it in.”  

Holger Hetzel


If a horse doesn’t quite fit into one of the categories, Holger Hetzel simply doesn't buy it or recommend it. So the imaginary drawers are the main buy or recommend criterion: if there’s no drawer for the horse Holger won’t even consider it.

The list of horses for sale around the world is incredibly long. Holger knows, from experience, that many dealing yards in Germany and other countries often sell completely unsuitable horses to buyers 

Holger Hetzel’s approach to finding the perfect horse for his customers is different.


“When somebody comes to me about buying a horse, the first thing I do is analyse them and find out exactly what they’re looking for. Then all I have to do is take a look in the ‘right drawer‘.

Holger Hetzel


That’s the first step in the process of making the perfect match, because there are always plenty of horses to choose from in each drawer. I just have to make sure I open the right one.