Exclusive tournament series in April

It’s going to be a great season! We’re organising total of 16 jumping events at our equestrian centre this year. The first season highlight is scheduled for April, when there will be exclusive shows on three consecutive weekends. On 8 to 10 April, and on the two following weekends (16 to 18 and 22 to 24 April), riders will have the opportunity to compete in classes from 1.15m to 1.45m. There will also be three-star classes on the final show weekend.


We designed this exclusive series to appeal to both professionals and amateurs. Our concept doesn’t just focus on offering an ideal competition framework for both horses and riders, we also want to ensure that the riders, sponsors and spectators enjoy the whole experience. That’s why we’ll be inaugurating our brand new, spacious VIP grandstand at the series launch.

We’re very keen to support the amateur rider community, who have faced more pandemic-related restrictions than professionals over the past couple of years, and that’s why there are 1.05m to 1.45m amateur-only classes at all three shows. The three-weekend series is a great opportunity for amateurs to work on and improve their competition routine. Foreign riders with a German guest license are also eligible to enter. Riders who intend to compete at all three shows can stable their horses for the duration of the series at the Hetzel yard,  where they will have full access to training facilities, such as the equestrian centre’s grass arena.

The next season highlight is two shows for children, juniors, young riders and U25 riders on 22 to 24 July and 29 to 31 July. These two events also include plenty of classes for amateur riders. The youngster jumping event for five to seven year old horses from 4 to 7 August is open for international entries. With total prizes of between EUR 25,000 to EUR 75,000 it’s guaranteed to attract a competition field of elite youngsters to Goch.