Horse training

All Team Hetzel members are extremely competent riders with an excellent reputation for bringing on young horses. The youngsters all undergo a training programme that reflects their age and individual ability.

“You always have to consider the horse’s level of physical and psychological development if you want to achieve your long-term objectives.”

Christine Dorenkamp, Rider

“Some people think I’m a dressage freak. But I say there’s nothing better than celebrating ‘dressage over jumps’ with a supple and responsive horse you’ve trained yourself.”  

Holger Hetzel

„Training a young jumping horse properly up to advanced competition level is a challenging job, so we love to follow our former horses’ progress once they move on.”

Laurens Houben, Rider

Many national and international top riders, owners and investors place their young horses in the capable hands of Holger Hetzel for their basic training. They leave them at Holger’s yard to be brought on under the professional trainer’s watchful eye until they are ready to start their competition careers.


Contents of the training:

  • Stabeling
  • Taking care of the horse by the highly professional team (incl. blacksmith and vet)
  • Daily training by highly qualified trainers
  • Presenting on shows

Goals of the training:

  1. A well educated horses for sale
  2. Start the competition careers with the owner

Please contact us for more information if you’re interested!

A successful example:

Dark Grey MM, owned by Marlis Mühlebach, is an impressive example of our horse-centric youngster training system: from Goch to CHIO Aachen!