A reason to smile- the results of our former horses

We are very happy about the great results of our former horses at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington:

  • HH Fireball (auction horse 2015) and Tom Wachman won a 1.40m High Junior Jumper Class and were placed in an other 1.40m class
  • Lorielle and her rider Flo Norris got a placing in the U25 HERMES Semi Grand Prix
  • Emily Moffitt and Light Blue became sixth in the 1.50m National Grand Prix
  • Con Couleur (auction horse 2017) and Rebekka Conway finished second in a 1.40m class of the CSI**
  • Jimmy Choo was ridden by Tamara Provost and won his first Hunter class
  • Orlando (auction horse 2012) and Alexia Thermiotis were placed in a 1.30m and a 1.35m class
Lorielle & Flo Norris