Special prizes in the 5th MERA Winter Competition Series

Riders collect points at each of the shows in the 5th MERA Winter Competition Series towards three special prizes at the final show.

“I’m very pleased that our fantastic sponsors this year have made it possible for us to present some fantastic prizes to our riders. We’re also delighted and honoured to welcome Jaguar Land Rover on board as a strong new partner.”

Holger Hetzel.

The special prizes:

  1. First prize: A car (1 year free driving) sponsored by JAGUAR LAND ROVER
  2. Second prize: A course of 8 jumps (on loan for the summer season) sponsored by CARO
  3. Third prize: Three nights at Kuhotel by RILANO in Kitzbühel , sponsored by RILANO

(Points are scored in all the classes at each show: 1st place = 3 points, 2nd place = 2 points, 3rd place = 1 point). But if a rider has two horses placed in the top three in any one class, points are only scored for the highest placing.)


At the final show in March 2019 the prizes were presented to the three leading riders in front of a big crowd of spectators. Alexander Fries, master of ceremonies, found the perfect words to congratulate the winners.

First prize winner was Judith Emmers, a consistent performer at all six shows, winning classes from novice to one star. She is definitely the deserving recipient of the golden sash. Gillian Kroyman, Assistant to Olaf Verführt of JAGUAR LAND ROVER APPROVED, handed over the coveted key to the Jaguar that Judith will now be driving cost-free for a whole year. JAGUAR LAND ROVER APPROVED then topped an already fantastic prize by offering Judith three different cars over the year – each to match the season. Her current Jaguar will be swapped for a convertible in summer and an SUV in winter. Judith completed the first lap of honour around the indoor arena in her car with Gillian Kroyman in the passenger and Tobi Thoenes and Markus Renzel in the back.

Second prize went to Tobias Thoenes, who also rode very impressively at all six shows. Tobias received a brand new set of 8 jumps on loan from CARO Parcours GmbH from Bünde for the outdoor season. Markus Renzel, was delighted to win third prize, particularly since he’d only competed at three of the shows.

Markus Renzel won a voucher for three nights at KUHOTEL Kitzbüheler Alpen. It was provided by sponsor, Rilano Hotels & Resort, Rilano Group GmbH, and Markus can look forward to the hotel‘s 4-star accommodation, spa and pool.

The sponsors looked just as happy as the three winners the prize-giving ceremony as the spectators applauded their achievements. Congratulations to Judith, Tobias and Markus and a big thank-you to the sponsors.