Successful debut of our online auction

When the virtual hammer knocks down for the last time on Saturday-night at 21.00 hours, it is soon clear: Our first online auction of showjumping horses up to 100,000 euro was a big success. In total we turned over more than 600,000 euro to sell thirteen auction horses. Two horses even went for the maximum price. We launched this online auction because we were often approached by potential clients who wanted horses in the price range of up to 100,000 euro. Clients that were willing to buy such a horse without trying it out themselves. For this auction we received 80 online registrations from 13 different countries. I am touched by the confidence people placed in us. It all went precisely the way we hoped! Only one horse was visited and tried out before the start of the auction and eventually purchased by these buyers. We sold most of the horses to an entirely new circle of clients, which was very satisfactory. We will now start preparing for our annual auction in November, where we will again offer a number of international top-class horses for sale.