The try outs are just fun

Horse fans from around the globe are making appointments and travelling to our stables to take a look at this year's auction collection. The four-legged athletes are being tried out by successful international professional riders as well as juniors and amateurs, all of them eager to gain their own personal impressions of the horses’ qualities. The atmosphere inside the indoor arena during the try-outs is always enjoyable, we just love it! All the riders obviously feel very much at home here and the horses are performing fantastically. As a show jumper and horse enthusiast I’m thoroughly enjoying watching them. Potential buyers can take their time in trying out the horses that have been selected in advance to reflect their individual needs before the auction. They also get comprehensive information about every single horse from me and my team, plus impressive competition videos of all the horses.

Please feel free to make your personal appointment at +49-171 480 8668.