Two very special foal auctions in Goch

Equestrian sports and horse breeding are inextricably linked in Germany. That’s why we are supplementing the three international shows at our equestrian centre in Goch between 21 July and 7 August with two exciting breeding-related events.

Belgian-based Flanders Foal Auction will be selling around 20 foals with some of the best jumping pedigrees in the world at the international competition for children/juniors/young riders, which takes place between 21 and 24 July.

There will be another chance to bid for foals with top jumping lineages at the very first youngster championships for five to eight-year-old show jumpers between 4 and 7 August. On Saturday 6 August a select collection of around a dozen top foals, compiled in collaboration with the Westphalian Stud Book in Münster-Handorf, will be auctioned off.

The youngster championships already have firm entries from numerous top German and international riders and this is a one-of-a-kind event in the show jumping scene. There is a total of EUR 150,000 in prize money for the some 250 competitors. Total prize money for the five-year old championship is EUR 25,000, with EUR 50,000 for the six year olds and an impressive EUR 75,000 for the seven and eight year olds.