We are looking forward to our first Youngster Championship

We have a vision: to host the highest prize money show in Europe for young jumping horses. This year we are taking the first step towards achieving it by hosting our very first youngster championships, the biggest jumping competition in Germany for five to eight year-old horses, between 4 and 7 August 2022.

There are five reasons why we finally decided the time was right.
• I want to provide owners and riders with an extremely attractive competition for young horses
• The competition has the same format as the tried-and-tested international model, i.e. if a horse completes two clear rounds it automatically qualifies for the final.
• Great young horses should have the opportunity to compete for international prize money.”
• My equestrian business acumen told me the time is right.
• Lastly and most importantly: Discovering young horses, pairing them with the right riders and mentoring their success is my passion. That’s been my philosophy for many years and decades, which is why this championship for young horses is one of my favourite projects and a great addition to our event calendar here in Goch.

The prize money is off the charts for a youngster competition: with EUR 25,000 for the five year olds, EUR 50,000 for the six year olds and an impressive EUR 75,000 for the seven and eight year olds. Even in the past a really good young horse didn’t come cheap. Today five to seven year old horses cost a fortune, so it’s only right for them to have the opportunity to win good prize money.

The competition is open to horses registered with any international breeding association and the concept is simple: Those completing two clear rounds automatically qualify for the final, which is ridden against the clock.

I’m really looking forward to our first Youngster Championship. Because I believe this is exactly what our sport needs and I’m sure that we’ll be seeing some top horses and top competitions.