7. Dance Monkey



An equine ballet dancer.

In fact, you could compare the performances of world-famous ballet dancer Nijinsky on stage to Dance Monkey’s performances in the show jumping ring.

Dance Monkey is a true athlete and a spectacular performer. On the one hand, he has incredible presence and loves being center of attention. On the other, he is incredibly light-footed with a textbook jumping technique and a dynamic action. Speed, quick reflexes and intelligence are just some of this stallion’s other special qualities. Despite having a very powerful forward and upward canter he gets top scores for rideability. Dance Monkey is rare example of an agile, free-moving youngster with dynamic gaits, plus modern build and presence. This beautiful stallion is a pleasure to watch.


Dance Monkey has the genes of performance horse producers. Chellano Z is a very interesting sire. During his very successful competition career with Jos Lansink he secured Grand Prix placings in Rotterdam, London and Neumünster. He is descended from some of the top sires of the past century, Contender x Cor de la Bryère x Capitol I, and his dam is full sister to Corrado I and II (Holstein 6879 line). During his short life Chellano Z produced some excellent offspring, many of which are competing internationally today. The dam sire Replay takes after Hanoverian sire Feo, which is also sire to Priam del Trinitad (Jennifer du Coral). Grand dam Niagara additionally competed internationally at 1.55m level.

Lord Pezi is one of the world’s best jumping horse producers according to the WBFSH ranking with an outstanding career as a show jumper and many successful offspring. The older ones, Louis (Beat Mändli), Londinium (Lillie Keenan), Le-Champ (Mikhail Safronov) and Lariccello (Helen McNaught) are already competing at top level. At the other end of the scale, Lord Pezi also has many younger offspring making their mark in novice classes, stallion licensing events and championships.


Dance Monkey has impressive competition placings and a top performance track record in young horse classes. He has racked up numerous clear rounds and placings at international youngster events, including ribbons in international classes up to 1.35m. We’ll be seeing more of this stallion at international events in the future and he’s ready for the big arenas now.

“Dance for me, dance for me, dance for me, oh, oh, oh
I’ve never seen anybody do the things you do before!”

Tones and I


Dance Monkey is an aspiring Grand Prix horse that is ready for the world stage.