3. Wonderful Feeling




Wonderful Feeling is a pleasure to watch and a pleasure to ride.

Wonderful Feeling is an elegant and athletic horse with a beautiful steely grey coat that came to us straight from the breeder. He has an excellent bascule, combined with a huge silky canter that helps him to make the most of any take-off situation. Wonderful Feeling is also a very calm, mentally present and exceptionally talented horse that is beautifully responsive to aids, careful and focused.

His sire, Cellestial, is a top competition horse and breeding stallion that has produced many successful offspring and competed against world-class fields with world class riders such as Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, René Tebbel and Andre Thieme. Chap (Heiko Schmidt) and Carthagena (Miriam Schneider) are impressive proof that he passes on his positive qualities to his offspring.  The dam sire Contender was one of the Holstein Horse Breeding Association’s most significant stallions, and a legend in his lifetime because no other Holstein stallion has ever produced such a vast number of successful progeny. He continues the lineage of his famous grandsire Cor de la Bryère, another influential breeding stallion in his own right and one of the Holstein Breeding Association’s most coveted sires. Contender has given the international show jumping sport a whole host of top horses, including Chiara (Ludger Beerbaum), Montender (Marco Kutscher), Checkmate (Meredith Michaels Beerbaum), Colore and Cool and Easy (Hans-Dieter Dreher), Collin (Toni Hassmann), Controe (Marco Kutscher), Constantin (Marcus Beerbaum), Chellano Z (Jos Lansink), Carlo (Sergio Alvarez Moya) and Conterno-Grande (Philip Weishaupt). Wonderful Feeling’s pedigree is additionally refined by the Holstein bloodline of Lombard, also a producer of international jumping horses.             

Five year old Wonderful Feeling has been highly placed in young horse classes over tracks up to 1.30m with a lady rider and is ready to move up the grades.

An unforgettable experience.